Oct. 13 (Thu) 18:00~20:00   Welcome Reception  (1st floor, IAMS)

Oct. 14 (Fri) Oct. 15 (Sat) Oct. 16 (Sun)
11:30~12:50 Registration


10:00~10:45 Tahei Tahara 09:00~09:45 Toshiaki Iitaka
12:50~13:00 Kaito Takahashi 10:45~11:30 Michitoshi Hayashi 09:45~10:30 Hideki Tanaka
13:00~13:45 Kenta Mizuse 11:30~12:15 Hajime Torii 10:30~11:15 Shiang-Tai Lin
13:45~14:30 Ming-Kang Tsai 12:15~14:00 Lunch 11:15~12:00 Kaito Takahashi
14:30~15:00 Break 14:00~14:45 Kaito Takahashi 12:00~ Closing & Lunch
15:00~15:45 Namiki Toyama 14:45~15:30 Jae Ryang Hahn    
15:45~16:30 Sheng-Hsien Lin 15:30~16:15 Ing-Shouh Hwang    
16:30~17:00 Break        
17:00~17:45 Samantha Jenkins        

(Invited only)




Thursday, October 13, 2011


Welcome Reception (1st floor, IAMS)


Friday, October 14, 2011

11:30~12:50 Registration & Lunch
12:50~13:00 Opening Remarks - Kaito Takahashi
Chair Kaito Takahashi
13:00~13:45 Kenta Mizuse
Infrared Spectroscopic Characterization of Hydrogen-Bonded Water Networks in Gas-phase Hydrated Clusters
13:45~14:30 Ming-Kang Tsai
Understanding the Water Cluster Decomposition by ab initio Molecular Dynamic Simulations
14:30~15:00 Break
Chair Michitoshi Hayashi
15:00~15:45 Namiki Toyama
Hydration of biomolecules studied by liquid-beam technique
15:45~16:30 Sheng-Hsien Lin
Theoretical Investigations of Spectra, Dynamics and Kinetics of Water Clusters
16:30~17:00 Break
17:00~17:45 Samantha Jenkins
Spanning QTAIM Topology Phase Diagrams of Water Isomer Sets
18:00~20:00 Dinner (Invited only)


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chair Sheng-Hsien Lin
10:00~10:45 Taihei Tahara
Dynamics and Structure of Water at Interfaces Revealed by Heterodyne-Detected Sum-Frequency Generation
10:45~11:30 Michitoshi Hayashi
A molecular modeling of SFG from interfacial water
11:30~12:15 Hajime Torii
Resonantly delocalized vibrational dynamics and intermolecular electronic motions induced by the OH stretching and molecular translation in liquid water
12:15~14:00 Lunch
Chair Chi-Kuang Sun
14:00~14:45 Kaito Takahashi
From the vibrational spectra of hydrate clusters to phase transition pressure of ice, how good can theory do?
14:45~15:30 Jae Ryang Hahn
Vibration of single water molecules on metal surfaces: STM and STM-IETS study
15:30~16:15 Ing-Shouh Hwang
Investigation of Hydrophobic-Water Interfaces with Atomic Force Microscopy


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chair Chung-Yuan Mou
09:00~09:45 Toshiaki Iitaka
Proton dynamics in ice phases under high pressure
09:45~10:30 Hideki Tanaka
On the stability and structure selectivity of clathrate hydrates
10:30~11:15 Shiang-Tai Lin
Dominating factors for the Growth of Clathrate Hydrates: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study
11:15~12:00 Kaito Takahashi
12:00~ Closing & Lunch