Condensed Phases Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory

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Dr.Ta-Chau Chang

Research fellow
Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences
Academia Sinica
P.O. Box 23-166
Taipei, Taiwan 10617, ROC
Phone: +886-2-2366 8231
Faxˇ@ : +886-2-2362 0200


Vita 1985 PhD Iowa State University (Prof. G. J. Small)
1985-1986 Visiting research fellow, CIRES , Colorado (Prof. M. Johnston)
1986-1988 Postdoctoral, University of Illinois (Prof. D. D. Dlott)
1988-1996 Associated research fellow, IAMS, Academia Sinica
1996- Research fellow, IAMS, Academia Sinica
1999- 2001 Associated director, IAMS, Academia Sinica
2004- Adjunct Research Fellow with Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica
2005- Adjunct professor with National Yang-Ming University

Honors Chair of the 7th international meeting on hole burning, single molecule and related spectroscopies: science and applications, November 18-23, 2001, Taipei, ROC.

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