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Dah-Yen Yang

Theoretical biophysics (chinese)

Principal Investigator
Institute of Atomic and Molecular Science
Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
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                                                                                                                   27 May 2008

    的大 型計算 (large-scale computation)歡迎有興趣的學生或 post Dr. 加入我們的行列。 
    A. 生物物理方面:
            工作內容主要包括蛋白質分子, DNA模型及細胞分裂過程的運算

    1. 蛋白質分子:

            我們主要集中於了解蛋白質分子的功能(function), 如:呼吸過程, 電子轉換
            過程, 分子機器(molecular motor), 蛋白質間的交互作用, 光合作用, 蛋白質

    2. DNA模型:

    3. 細胞分裂:
            利用數值方法, 計算細胞膜的分裂(fission) 及結合(fusion) 過程是如何進行
            的 希望能了解癌細胞分裂過程的物理機制


    B. 其他:

    1. 設計分子導線(molecular wire) 所需的分子電子零件(molecular electronics)
    2. 設計原子機器(atomic engine) 的應用上



    Research Statement

       We develop various analytical theories to investigate biomolecular behaviors that include:
       1. Protein folding
         a. The protein folding time and construct the entropy barrier(manuscript in preparation).
         b. Solving the relationship between radius of gyration vs. pH value
         c. The onset of protein cooperativity.
       2. Protein-ligand interaction
         a. Unified kinetic theory of ligand recombination of myoglobin(published)
         b. Escaping from a spherical cavity with gate(published)
         c. We plan to study the effect of ligand interaction on the conformation change of protein.
       3. Protein-protein interaction
         a. cooperativity
         b. kinetic theory
       4. Membrane
         a. static scaling theory(published)
         b. dynamic scaling theory(published)
         c. static renormalization group theory
         d. dynamic renormalization group theory
         e. membrane folding time and entropy barrier
         f. static topology change problem
         g. simulation of dynamic topology change problem
       5. DNA supercoiling
         a. Brownian dynamic simulation of knotted DNA(manuscript in preparation)
         b. Brownian dynamic simulation of linked DNA


    Selected Publication

    last revised in Sep.21,2006.

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